About Katie (Mueller) Lawellin

Contact - [email protected]

I was raised in Plymouth, Minnesota and became interested in photography at a young age. In elementary school my parents gave both my younger brother and me disposable cameras to use during a family vacation. My results were good enough to convince them I deserved my very own point and shoot camera for my 12th birthday. I still have the very first photo I took with that camera, my dad sitting across the kitchen table from me looking less than thrilled to be my first subject!

I studied graphic design and photography at the University of Minnesota, Duluth and started my photography business shortly after college in 2008.

In the summer you can find me relaxing at my family's cabin near Alexandria, MN. I also enjoy traveling to far away places. Some of my favorite destinations were whale watching in Alaska, hiking Mayan ruins in Belize in search of howler monkeys and backpacking in the Grand Canyon.

I live in Albertville, MN with my husband Matt, son Chase and cat Pepper.

I am also the owner of Boulevard Real Estate Photography.